This headshot was taken by Ric Sechrest of Ric Sechrest Photography.
I highly recommend him to any actor who needs new shots!

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I co-wrote a screenplay, produced, wrote and starred in a trailer for a comedic western and have written numerous comedy sketches. If you'd like a sample of these please go to the contact page and request them via email, indicating the company you represent. They will be sent to you as a PDF file. Please only request these samples if you are considering me for paid work or considering investing in the projects.

Below are links to two articles I’ve written; one a humor piece from the GEOMOP satire site and the other a review of a music documentary written for The Jazz Guitar Corner. I'm also the head writer ⁄ editor for The Ernie Kovacs Blog which is one of the most widely read websites devoted to the legendary comedian. The reprinting of any of these articles, either from this site or from the Ernie Kovacs Blog, is strictly prohibited without my express written consent.

Scent Of The City

Talmage Farlow: A Film By Lorenzo DeStefano

These articles are in PDF format. Choose the one you wish to view and left click the link; it will open in a seperate window.If you wish to download it right click and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" depending on your browser. PDF files require Adobe Reader; if you don't have it the download is free. This is a widely distrubted program used by millions, however, I take no responsibility for any downloads from Adobe’s site obtained through the link provided.